Above all, be courteous to fellow riders, other trail users, dogs, old people, kids, horses, etc. Remember, this is not a race. Finishing 100k 1st and finishing 100k 70th = finishing 100k.

We are accepting no responsibility for you, your bike, your gear, your safety, etc. By showing up to ride, you are acknowledging that we are not responsible for your safety or well-being. You will be required to sign a release of liability to participate in any ATX100k events. We recommend that you print and sign our waiver before you get to the ride to save time. There will not be any medical personnel on site, so this is absolutely not the time to ride outside of your technical ability. Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, and the central Texas terrain makes our trails particularly treacherous. 100k off-road is a hard day no matter who you are. Know your limits and know when to throw in the towel. Walk technical sections if necessary, know that as the day wears on, things that were easy to clear early in the ride become more difficult and your chances for a crash start to increase exponentially. 

If you are unable to finish, PLEASE come to the start finish and let us know. If you are unable to finish and the start finish is inconvenient for you or you are unable to come back, please call or text our DNF line (512-Seven-Six-Five-Four-ATX). This is NOT an emergency line; if you're hurt dial 911. 

When dismounting your bike after missing a line, BEFORE you take one step forward TAKE 2 STEPS TO THE LEFT to allow overtaking riders to squeeze by you. When overtaking another rider, call out 'on your right' or 'on your left'. When being overtaken, call back to the overtaking rider 'take it on my left' or 'take it on my right'. Remember this isn't a race so being a jerk and blocking the trail is strictly forbidden. 

Be sure to bring a helmet and a mountain bike in good working order. This ride is self-supported; we may have sponsors with tent/hydration but don't count on it.  Feel free to ride in a group if you wish and pool resources. 

You will probably want gloves, some extra gallons of water at your car, snacks, electrolytes, tools, tubes, and the like to keep your bike and yourself going. As a point of reference, a 165lb male during the 100k of Walnut burned 4000 calories and drank 250oz of water (~2 gallons) in 6.75 hours.  Some of the winter rides will very likely finish after dark, you will want to have bike lights for those rides. Lights are STRONGLY recommended for anyone heading out on a lap within 1 hour of sunset. 

You may use an ipod or other music player but you may only use ONE earpiece. Using two earpieces is forbidden because you may not be able to hear overtaking riders.

We are primarily using the honor-system, so have integrity and do not cut the course. If you cannot finish the distance, just do as many full laps as you can. If you get lost, please stay put until you can locate someone who knows the route and follow them out - it'll be faster than having to scratch the whole lap because you didn't actually do the distance. If at some point during the day you realize that you were missing a section, go back and do it the number of times you missed it. If you have to bail during a lap for some reason, but wish to continue the ride after fixing the issue, return back to where you left off and pick up the route again. If there is a question about the validity of your laps, the best way to resolve it would be to supply a GPX or Strava data file for the day. To this end, it may be a good idea to sign up for Strava, some other smartphone mapping software or get a standalone unit (like a Garmin). 

Lap times will include pit time; we are only taking one time for each rider when you come through the start/finish. Results should be posted the night of in most cases and will be announced on forums, facebook and twitter.

Finishing three of the six races, INCLUDING EMMA LONG (sixth race), will earn you the right to purchase a jersey at cost. We are still finalizing the prize for those dedicated athletes who finish all six rides, but it will likely be a special run jersey or a trophy from ReGeared. Texas Cycle Werks will be providing prizes to be distributed randomly among the finishers at the Muleshoe event. No other awards are scheduled at this point but the possibility of further prizes is not precluded.