Reveille Peak Ranch (RPR) is a very unique riding experience. Many people call it "Texas' Moab" due to the large amounts of open granite. You do not want to miss this ride - it's going to be awesome. If you've never ridden RPR you should do it this weekend. It'll blow your mind. 

Standard technical warning
Know that the granite gives extreme grip and you can easily climb things you'd never be able to climb at any other course, but that comes with a price. If you go down you'll lose some skin. Just be aware of that. There are several exposed sections and a pretty good number of ledge-down and ledge-ups. Do not ride outside your technical ability on this trail - if you go down you're hard pressed to not hit rock.

Route in text form (GPX and Strava map to come later tonight)
We have marked the course with our standard ATX100k signs
Colors are from the 'official map' linked to the right. 
We'll start at the Pavilion and go around the lake. We'll enter the single track through the normal gate(green) go clockwise around Race Loop (red) and take Reveille Peak Loop (black), back to race loop (red) for a bit, on to Upper Loop (black) then finish out the rest of the race loop (little bit black, mostly red). It helps to compare to the Strava Todd and Tony did today (they got a bit turned around after the Upper loop). There aren't many options to get lost on this course. The only place to get lost would be on the exposed slick rock but you'll just need to keep scanning for reflectors or white poles to stay on course over the rock.

Notes on trail condition after all these rains
Todd and Tony just finished up a lap. They started as the rain slowed down and had no issues with traction and encountered almost no mud. He said it was a 'surreal experience, at times riding through up to an inch of water on the rock but with literally zero traction issues'. Todd said it was one of his best rides this year.

For those of you that run wax based lubes normally, you might want to bring a petroleum based lube. There is some water and the soil is a bit sandy - it'll get kicked up onto your chain by your front wheel and you'll want something with a bit more staying power than a wax lube.

Times, Details, Directions
Be ready for a pre-ride meeting at the pavillion at 7:30. Starting group one will head out at 7:45.

RPR Location: 2046 County Road 115  , Burnet, TX