This Venue is Cancelled for 2013 due to rain. We've moved to Reveille Peak Ranch. Tell all your friends :)

The park opens at 7am and you MUST be back to your car by 8:30pm. Thus, this ride will have a hard line - no-one leaves on a lap after 6:30 pm.

Expect a line at 7 to drive in, if you're planning on joining the first group get there early to be in the front. The park has asked us to bring exact change for the entrance fee ($10.00) and has asked for ATX100k participants to identify themselves as participants and to assure him verbally that you'll be wearing your helmet anytime you're riding the bike. Please do not bring any glass bottles to this ride. There are some excellent options in cans now (Austin Beerworks, Southern Star) so no excuses. 

Once in the park follow the road (slowly - 20 mph) to the mountain bike trailhead (right turn). Pre-race meeting begins at 7:30, first starting group heads out at 7:45. You'll need to get checked in and sign a waiver after you arrive. Since we're on a tight schedule it is strongly recommended you pre-print a waiver and bring it with you filled out to save time.

We're going to have riders spaced out into 4 Starting Groups (SG), each starting a few minutes apart (excellent aerial view of the SGs). You'll choose your own SG at check-in. Your SG will be recorded next to your name on the timing sheet and all your lap times will be offset by your SG offset. SG1 will be for racer types planning on riding a XC race pace for the whole ride (finished Walnut ride in ~6-6.5 hours, Muleshoe in 6:30-7 hours). SG2 will be experienced endurance riders going for a good finishing spot but doing it at an endurance pace. SG3 will be for those riders who are newer to endurance riding and don't want to feel the XC pace guys breathing down their necks. SG4 will be for riders who want a chill pace, potentially doing a group/pooled resource plan.

Reimers will be five 13 mile laps with approximately 940 feet of climbing per lap. The route includes all the 'black diamond' trail AND the new 'lollipop' section after you climb the bluff the 3rd time.  The course takes you up and down a bluff 3 times for about 5 miles. Then you spend a bit of time up on top in a newer section of trail, then it's a 1.5 mile downhill and ~6 miles of windy trail in a savannah. The trail will be marked with the standard white ATX100k arrow signs and there are park signs with black diamonds on them as well.  

BRING SUNSCREEN; there is minimal shade on this trail. Sunglasses are recommended due to a high number of grasshoppers that seem to like to leap up into your face. Think about nutrition, with 13 mile laps you'll need to have some way to re-fuel correctly or you'll likely bonk (you're going to burn 3000-4000 calories on this ride).
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