Registration : Ride Calls
All six laps of Pace bend will include all the features EXCEPT the wooden playground area This means we're including the Rock Garden of Goodness and NXNW, both Crotons and both Wookies. The route will be marked with our standard ATX100k signs and some tape the day before the event. This event is going to be hot. Sunrise is at 6:40 and we'd like to send off our first starting group as early as possible. Please plan on a pre-ride meeting around 6:50 and the first group to head out soon thereafter. 

Please bring exact change again ($10). Don't identify yourself as a participant, the attendant won't know what you're talking about. We will park in the RV lot. To get there, enter the park and take your first right on Grisham Trail. Go a few miles until you see a split-rail fence on your right. Pull in there, we'll be parking along the street and have tents set up as well.

You are 100% REQUIRED AT PENALTY OF A FORCED DNF (I'm serious) to deposit all your trash in the dumpster, to leave zero trash on the trail, to bring NO GLASS CONTAINERS and to generally treat Pace Bend like it was your cranky Aunt's plastic covered living room. 

For about 100 yards of each lap you will be sharing the blacktop road with traffic @ 30mph. Please be careful when crossing the road from the parking lot to the trail - traffic will not be slowing down for you. 
There are several ledges and a few places you could fall ~10 feet. This is no time to ride outside your wheelhouse - we will not have medical personnel on site and you'll be responsible for getting your injured bits back to your vehicle. 

The route will start from the RV parking lot, head over to the fire road, do both loops on Wookie Way, Rock Garden of the Gods, NXNW, down South Croton, up North Croton with finish at the same fire road and back to the RV lot.