Muleshoe will follow the main loop CLOCKWISE and will include the D, E, A, C (in that order) loops. These sections are 100% required for the ride. The B loop is NOT included.

YOU WILL BE SHARING THE ROAD WITH TRAFFIC ON SEVERAL SHORT SECTIONS OF THIS RACE. WE ARE NOT MANAGING TRAFFIC AND DO NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE PARK. You'll cross the road near the entrance and you'll be on the road from the 2nd crossing down to the lollipop, around the circle and back up to the trail to head to section D. Please know that you are absolutely required to follow all applicable traffic laws and use common sense. If you act silly you could manage to get yourself hit by a car. It's not likely, but it could happen.

Check-in/parking/start will be down on the shore, NOT in the parking lot near the entrance. Each lap will take you back down to the shore to check in and visit your car if necessary. 

Please note that the grassy areas surrounding the check-in area are infested with goat-head stickers. These will really hurt bare feet and they have the potential to pop a tube (probably won't pop someone running tubeless). 

You will leave from the 'lollipop' parking area and ride up the road you drove in on. You'll stay left at the first split you come to and almost immediately drop onto the main trail on your left. You'll be heading towards D (super short loop). E is next, and is a 90-degree turn to the left on a corner - it's really easy to miss. After E, you finish the traditional trail, cross the road near the entrance and enter the trail head. Immediately take a right into Loop A (also a bit easy to miss, just keep your eyes peeled as you drop in after crossing the road). SKIP LOOP B. You'll ride for a while and you'll take a easy left onto loop C in a sandy open area. After loop C you'll end up back on the blacktop and you'll need to head down to the lake/lollipop to check-in. Repeat 7 more times.

We will be putting out signs and tape for this race. We won't be marking off every incorrect turn though; remember you are 100% responsible for knowing the course. Study the maps, ask questions and pay attention at the pre-race meeting. 

Many riders will be finishing up in the dark. Bring lights. If you don't have lights, get them now. Sunset is at 6:10, anyone starting a lap after 5pm will need to have lights on or risk some serious bodily harm.