Emma Long (City Park) is loose, ledgy and many of the drops won't be tamed by a 'roadie roll'; they require either walking or hucking. Be aware that riding the 100k out here will be dangerous. If you can't clear Walnut in your sleep or if Pace Bend gives you trouble you should include in your ride/race plan WALKING THE BIG STUFF.  You've been warned. 

The course will follow the "Main Trial" signs for the most part. It does include "Cheesecake". If you don't know what this is, come to a pre-ride. When you are almost at the end of the main loop we will be dropping downhill to the right at a brown fiberglass sign-post. We'll be including about a mile of swoopy trails from this lower section to wrap up each lap.  The ride will be 10 laps of the course below: