Qualifying to purchase a jersey:

  1. You must finish at least ONE 100k race OR
  2. You must finish 200k total distance over the course of the 6 races OR
  3. You volunteer for at half the time of one of our races (start time to last finisher time) OR
  4. You must be a sponsor or a sponsor affiliate
Check the spreadsheet below to see if you've already qualified to purchase a jersey or to see how far you need to go over the next few rides to qualify. Once you've qualified, please fill out this form so we can get in contact with you directly.

Purchasing a jersey:

We will have a 'fit kit' from our supplier, Canari, at Texas Cycle Werks from ~July 5th - July 19th. During that time you can go by and try on Men's S-XL or Women's S-L in all three jersey cuts (Club, Euro, and VPro Euro). If you are unable to make it in to TCW for the fit kits, Y

You can use this page to pick your size, email us and we'll work out purchase and payment. We will only be offering Club and Euro fit for this second order.

If we make our minimum order, jersey cost will be $60 for Club or Euro and $70 for the VPro fabric upgrade. If we don't make the quota, cost will double (yikes! - you better buy 2!) 

You can pay with cash or check at Texas Cycle Werks or you can paypal / bitcoin me. 

Qualification List:

If you're having issues viewing the embedded document below, please use this link.
Those already qualified are highlighted in green below